The Need for Technology

Throughout my life I’ve tried not to go far into technology. It’s obvious that technology isn’t my thing and it’s never been. The only thing that I’m interested in is playing billiards in this site: That’s how I personally feel, and here’s why.

So, what happens when the world opens wide to tens of thousands of practices and ideas and when the kids start to look?

Once I was in a consultation for the pediatrician, one was sitting beside me, a man about 45 years old, we both waited for the doctor. With a mobile phone in his hand, and suddenly that he starts a chat that I am not very sociable and looks at me. Don’t you read? People with personalities, changed names and others are speaking and engaging in conversations and reaching adolescents and children. Exposed our kids are, and there’s absolutely no sex, child or regardless of the girl.-Already telling me this, I started to pay more attention to him.

Therefore, to all of the parents I could, I urge you to learn how to utilize technology and accompany your kids who are their friends in the networks and that know their Friendships that now aren’t just flesh and blood but also virtual and also quite dangerous. I feel that there’s been nothing in my life I have looked for more and with more interest than to approach the technology, which is a research that is constant but that is easy to reach.I recall that we had to attend a library visit the house of individuals who have had the power or to obtain the information. With an internet connection and a mobile phone, we have all of the information.

When I sit down and think about it, I discover the reason behind those famous words… There’s no greater teacher than need.

In what our young people and things and children make the parents investigate the thirst to know and we’re experts in subjects. It’s a challenge that we must confront in this moment is when we realize they’re a world, although as we’ve done to be parents.

Watch this video below on how Technology today affects our relationships: