Few Simple Tips To Grow Your YouTube Channel

Are you looking for ways and strategies to grow your YouTube channel? Here are a few simple and easy tips to let you know how to do it effectively.

Initially it is all about having followers or fans following your work or videos you post, in digital language they are called “Subscribers”.

If there are subscribers there is feedback for sure. The feedback shows credibility of the channel and helps you in gaining more followers. This way, it becomes a chain that grows more and more.

Some simple techniques and ways that you should be looking for are right here.

  • 1. You have to be consistent with your videos posting if you want to have people follow you. Once you get a good response of your video, you should not change your policies rather try to maintain the high standard for long-term success.

    Your persistence in uploading good videos is your identity. And this should not be compromised at the cost of inconsistency.

  • 2. Consistency does not mean that you can upload stuff without examining the quality and value of it.

    Instead your videos should be valuable enough, if it fails to make any value it would not be a getting good number of views as well which will hurt you if you were being consistent.

    A combination of quality and consistency are the key that will increase the number of subscribers and make you feel growing faster.

  • 3. You should try to avoid betraying people. A single click on your video can make you happy but can make your viewer sad if it is not up to mark or is actually not what they wanted to see.

    You might do it for business purpose only but be sure that this can damage your reputation badly. Be remarkable for a better number of views and a good number of likes for a good feedback.

  • 4. Your videos have to be attractive in some ways to engage people and to entertain them ultimately. To be boring is the biggest sin in the market.
  • 5. Asking your followers to subscribe seems so usual, but this is very important for your business growth. If you are not going to tell your audience to subscribe you, you may not be getting a huge audience. It is like “Call to action”.

    While calling to action, you have to provide them a clue how to do it and about the result that they will have after subscribing, that is unlimited entertainment and weekly or daily videos.

    To invite them to subscribe, you can use such abrupt phrases
    For more videos and latest updates.

    Click the subscribe button above this video’
    This will give them a way to “Subscribe”. If they liked you video, there are likelihood that they would not hesitate to subscribe at once.

  • 6. Presentation in video matters a lot and for that annotations are very useful. These are basically some little colourful sticky notes which uploader pastes all over his/her video.

    An effective use of annotations that I recommend is call to action annotation that is adding a speech bubble under your subscribe button in all your existing and old videos.

  • 7. Setup widget is another useful technique to increase your YouTube channel growth. To avail this option, you can upload the videos on other platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more.

    While also ask the subscriber to look for more on your YouTube channel. This simple trick makes you sound from both sides.

  • 8. In addition to this, the title of your videos matter to a great extent. You must make an effort to bring it down to less than 50 characters.

    Psychologically speaking, shorter sentences are more catchy and appealing in contrast to longer one. Besides, people do not have much time to read the long caption of just one video.

  • 9. While selecting a good title for your video, Google it before finalizing. If there many titles already available by this name. You have more chances to make your video stand out among them.
  • 10. Last but not the least, the length of your YouTube video plays a significant role in generating traffic on your channel. I recommend that your video should not be more than 3 minutes long rather you should try to limit it a bit further.

These simple tips can help you grow your YouTube channel with Retention Panel faster and allow you to enjoy a good and trustworthy reputation among your subscribers.